Return / Exchange policy

  1. Return/ Exchange can not be done without a receipt or a record of the transaction on your rewards club account.
  2. Product must be shelf quality. Labels must be in original condition, unmarked, no water stains and intact.
  3. Exchange or returns must be of equal value. Product prices change frequently. Refunds or exchanges will be for the amount of the product at the time of sale.
  4. If the total refund is $1000 or more there will be a 20% restocking fee.
  5. Return Limits
    1. Beer : 30 days and must be within two weeks of the expiration date
    2. Kegs : no return or exchange
    3. Wine: 90 days
    4. Spirits : 90 days
    5. Cigars : no exchange or return
    6. Close out items are not refundable or exchangeable
    7. Accessories : 90 days
    8. Delivery : 30 days
    9. Special orders : not refundable or exchangeable